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"If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze."
St. Catherine of Siena

Strengths + Emotions

Where awareness and courage for self meets compassion for, and collaboration with others.

Discover  Your
Genuine Identity

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?

No matter your age, knowing the who, what, and why of your life will create confidence, resilience and growth. This is your Genuine Identity, how you were designed. Make this discovery and you will gain clarity of your internal self and more easily manage the outside world.

Honest Self Expression

How do you use your gifts to engage with others?

When you know your Genuine Identity you are yourself whether you are at work, with family and loved ones, or out with friends. Your self expression is driven by your talents and strengths, your gifts. How you engage and serve others manifests from self-knowledge of your Genuine Identity and is expressed through emotions. Emotions are neither good or bad, but necessary tools to navigate our self-awareness and serving others.


Team Flourishing

Emotional intelligence is the key to a team flourishing in strengths.

It is nearly impossible to not participate in a group. Work teams, church ministries, family and personal interests: engaging with others is difficult to avoid. When you know the Genuine Identity of others and share your own with emotional intelligence it is much easier to build trust, receive and accept contribution from others, and allow the group or team to flourish in their accomplishments.


I say "ABOUT US" because I would not be doing this work without the relationships and partnerships I have created to assist me in my mission. But I cannot disregard my career and carry it forward into my work as a coach and facilitator. 

I've worked with colleges and universities across the country assisting them in creating culture change, enhancing engagement, and improving the teaching and learning process. I've also done the same for K12 teachers, improving the teaching process and student learning.

My mission is to strengthen the education system by empowering administrators, teachers and faculty, staff, and of course, students in their their self-discovery of their Genuine Identity, how they use emotional intelligence to effectively navigate the world around them.

With specific coach training, certifications and partnerships, I look forward to serving your institution. Here are the partners I work with to help me achieve my mission:

Six Seconds- Emotions drive people and people drive performance. For 25 years six seconds has been the world leader in measuring EQ and implementing programs for individuals and teams to accept and grow in their emotional intelligence. As a certified EQ Practitioner it is my Noble Goal to assist others in finding their Genuine Identity through strengths and live as confident productive emotional beings.

CliftonStrengths- I have been fortunate to study and mentor with Brent O'Bannon, the very first certified CliftonStrengths coach. I have earned Brent's Strengths Champion certification with the CliftonStrengths assessment.

WeAlign Coaches- We are a strengths-based tribe of coaches and our vision is to "rehumanize the world through Genuine Identity and belonging."

Human Formation Coalition- Equipping leaders through strengths and the Fivefold Ministries to elevate the individual's self-awareness and service to others.


About six months after working with Michael, I found myself in a job interview. In this job interview, I found myself much more prepared and ready to face the dreaded interview questions related to your strengths and weaknesses…and that is because of the time and effort from working directly with Michael. Notes that I received from after that interview (that I was hired for!) was that I exhibited “unreachable qualities” and they were thrilled with my strengths and weaknesses conversations. Thank you Michael for everything! And I look forward to working with you again!

Administrator, Ambulatory Surgical Center

Karen S.

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