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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

According to the co-founder and CEO of Six Seconds, Joshua Freedman,

emotional intelligence is being smarter with emotions.

We all have emotions and it takes six seconds for an emotion to fully flood our body and prepare a response or reaction. What we do with that six seconds is critical to our work, relationships, and wellbeing.


The Six Seconds Model

The Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence consists of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, and Give Yourself. Within this framework their are eight competencies, each measurable, actionable, and outcomes driven.

The Six Seconds Change Map

Building EQ into your church, school, or nonprofit is not going to happen with one workshop, but it's a great place to start. A workshop will bring awareness to what could be and provide hope for people who want more joy and excitement in their education, work, and personal lives. Not to mention that our workshops are fun and enjoyable. Who doesn't like to have fun?

The change map you see on the right is a great example of what takes place with individuals when you implement an Emotional Intelligence project and build a thriving institution.

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