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School Culture and Climate

Let's start at the end of your project....

You just finished implementing a Social Emotional Learning project with great success. You are astounded by the outcomes achieved through mindful application of Emotional Intelligence, recognition of talents and strengths, and the discovery of individual ministry styles. And this is what's happening in YOUR school:

  • Teacher wellbeing is greatly improved, to the point that they love their work; engagement is high, and mutual respect and professionalism is the norm. Knowing their unique Godly design builds confidence and self-assurance, with and for each other.

  • Student interaction and participation has increased. Students experience joy, grades are up, and school spirit is rocking the hallways. Knowing their motivation styles drives students to achieve and succeed.

  • The level of trust between administration and teachers has opened new pathways of communication. Productivity has improved across the board.

  • The entire school community feels safe, and all members of the community are comfortable being themselves without judgement.

  • You are witness to the personal and academic growth in your community.

  • Parents actively participate in their children's education and give support to the school.

  • Jesus lives in your school.

Wow! The ending of your story is commendable. I am sure there was a great deal of hard work to accomplish those outcomes, but what was the purpose of the Social Emotional Learning project in the first place?

  • COVID wasn't that long ago, and you could see that some teachers and students were still feeling the effects. School spirit, if you could measure it, was low. BTW, you CAN measure it.

  • Students were performing academically, but the school did not feel like a community where Jesus was the focus. Mass participation was lackluster at best. 

  • The trust between leadership and teachers seemed strained at times, and between teachers, as well.

  • You heard stories of students not feeling safe to share opinions and thoughts that may differ from their peers. Being seen, heard, and respected was not a lived core principle of the school.

  • Some parents were concerned  about their child's overall wellbeing, and there was a marked drop in parent participation.

Well, it makes sense to look for a solution to solve these problems. What was it about a Social Emotional Learning project that helped you move forward with this solution?

  • The project wasn't just about building Emotional Intelligence. The beginning of the project was about first discovering our talents and strengths in how God designed us, uniquely and individually. Who we are and what we each contribute to and need from the community is ours to own, first and foremost. It does not matter if we are administrators, teachers, students, staff, or parents. We are all part of the community.

  • As we discovered our uniqueness in talents and strengths we next sought out our unique ministry styles as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, or Teachers. These styes were given to the disciples by Jesus in Ephesians 4:11-13. How we serve others continues to bring joy in our lives.

  • Lastly, and concurrently, we discovered how to build our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through the competency model. Sixseconds offers exclusive EQ for Educators certifications that show teachers how to build Emotional Intelligence into the curriculum, classroom management, and outside the school.

  • What made this project successful was the flexible timeline, how we scaled the content and tasks to our desired school outcomes, and the ability to take ownership individually and as a community. We have the ability to assess our school culture and climate with accurate measurement and continually adjust to meet all of our constituents needs. 

  • Everyone matters- administrators, teachers, students, staff, and parents. Everyone succeeds.

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