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Accompaniment Training


Meeting people where they are at and helping them accept who they are in their Genuine Identity. 

In this online training course you will learn to be more coach-like and mentor students in their Genuine Identity. Learn to come along side your students and equip them with self-knowledge of their God-given design to share with others.

Course Description

A small group learning experience about how to use the CliftonStrengths assessment to accompany others so they can more effectively fulfill God’s calling on their lives. This training is designed for staff, guidance counselors, campus ministers, and teachers who want to learn how to better accompany persons in context of their Genuine Identity and personal vocation.

The primary focus of this workshop is on learning, practicing, and applying basic coaching skills to successfully accompany individuals through the process of growing in self-awareness with the aid of the talent assessment, CliftonStrengths, so they can more effectively serve others and confidently engage in groups and teams. It consists of eight to ten 90-minute learning intensives delivered via live webinar over 3-4 months. Small Groups consist of 4-10 participants to allow for a more dynamic learning environment. Participants are expected to practice coaching a cohort peer between sessions, complete an exercise feedback form, and return to class the following week with questions.

In addition, you will meet with your facilitator in two 1:1 coaching sessions to discover your own Genuine Identity in your CliftonStrengths assessment. Your first coaching session will take place online before the group sessions begin.

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