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"Emotions drive people, people drive performance."


Imagine giving yourself feed back on how you use your emotions. Nonjudgemental, honest, and true. Feed back from you, about you. 

That is what an EQ assessment from Six Seconds will do for you.

God gave each a unique design in talents and strengths, and we are to use our talents and strengths to serve others. But people are people, and to live the life God planned for us we need to overlook the human failings we encounter and be authentic. We do that with wisdom and maturity when we grow in our emotional intelligence.

Depending on what you or your team are trying to accomplish there are several different reports we can work with- 

  • EQ Strengths Report- Offer insight into which EQ competencies you shine. Pairs beautifully with a CliftonStrengths Report.

  • EQ Development Report- Provides feedback on the eight EQ competencies and how you can improve on each, depending on your goals.

  • Spiritual EQ Report- Offers feedback on how well your life is balanced in relation to yourself, others, and a higher purpose. This report pairs well with APEST in a team workshop.

  • Unlocking EQ- When this report is paired with the CliftonStrengths Top 5 report it offers a transformational half day workshop.

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