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Vital Signs for Higher Education
Join the validation study to strengthen campus culture

Higher Education Vital Signs From Six Seconds

Until now, understanding your campus climate and how it impacts students,
staff and faculty has been a challenge.

The Higher Education Vital Signs (HE-VS) report  from Six Seconds will give you valuable insights on student, staff and faculty engagement, and critical indicators of success like trust, equity, belonging and motivation. Engagement is important for students, faculty, and staff as it supports wellbeing, lower absenteeism, higher productivity, and greater student success.

The HE-VS assessment measures Trust, Accountability, Commitment, Connection, And Growth within your institution. The HE-VS is a snapshot in time. Applying tools to increase Social Emotional Learning across the institution and re-assessing, you should see improvement in outcomes of  Involvement, Learning, Safety, and Thriving.

Six Seconds has been researching and implementing emotional intelligence tools for 25 years. Your college or university can be a part of the ongoing research conducted by the Six Seconds researchers and partners. When you join this research study your institution will help validate a new measure, based on the normed, validated K12 version of the assessment. Here are the participation steps, in short order:

1. Decide to participate in the Emotional Intelligence research for improving the culture of higher education. The validation study is open to any school, department, or 'unit' of a college or university for 50-1000 students / faculty / staff / admins.

2. We will generate a survey, specific to your institution, for you to distribute to your participants.The survey is completely anonymous.  About two weeks after the survey closes we will provide you with a report for you to breakdown and discuss on your own. The survey and report are provided at not cost. We are grateful for your participation.

3. For a deeper dive on how you might implement an emotional intelligence project on your campus we would be pleased to offer the report with consultation for $3,000.00

For more information and how to proceed for participation, please click the button below and read the special invite from Six Seconds. If you would like to learn more about Six Seconds you can visit, and/or have discussion online and see what the K12 version offers. Fill out the contact form below and we will arrange a zoom meeting for you.

"Emotional Intelligence is simply being smarter with feelings."

Joshua Freedman, Six Seconds CEO 

Michael Baker is certified with Six Seconds as an EQ Practitioner, seeking to make a difference with educators and students.

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