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Team Elevation Workshop

MPACT assessment identifies and ranks your unique combination of these five quotients:

Mentor/Humanizer-- You focus on relationships and believe the best about people. You listen, advise, and walk alongside your fellow team members. 

Pioneer/Entrepreneur- You are all about mission and movement. You provide strategic direction, encourage risk-taking, and are highly entrepreneurial.

Aligner/Questioner- Your focus is meaning and purpose. You help others develop internal character and ensure motives are aligned with a higher purpose.

Champion/Recruiter- You are all about connection and cause. You invite others into the mission and cheer them on to be their best self. We all need a champion in our lives.

Teacher/Philosopher-- Your focus is continuous learning and legacy. You make sure everyone has the knowledge and resources they need to grow and achieve the mission.

Imagine walking into a team meeting where everyone on the team was looking forward to their work together.

Imagine all team members contributing to the conversation, openly and honestly. No negativity, where opinions are heard, understood, and respected.

Imagine your most valuable team flourishing to where their productivity elevates the organization.

All these outcomes are highly achievable, but first let's address why teams don't operate at peak performance. The answer a lack of trust. Patrick Lencioni and others have written extensively about why teams fail, and the number one reason is a lack of trust.

As a leader you may have tried to address this problem with team building activities like the infamous trust fall. It's fun, and yes, the person falling always gets caught. Of course! Human beings are inherently designed to care for one another. But the person catching thinks, "I'll catch you, even though you never listen to my comments in a meeting." Or, "I hope he catches me, because he never has my back when I share in a meeting."

These activities are fun, but they really don't address the deep rooted issues of trust. Individuals need to be heard, understood, and received and when they are not they naturally shut down. Sound familiar?

Alan Hirsch has done considerable work on what makes a team, group, committee flourish in their connectedness. What he discovered in how people engage and serve is similar to his work with APEST, which is biblical in nature. This engagement style is found throughout history no matter where you look for it. And when you find a group that is highly functioning you will discover it consists of people who are Mentoring, Pioneering, Aligning, Championing, or Teaching. No one individual is completely balanced in all five intelligences, but when all these intelligences exist in a team, that team has every opportunity to perform at a high level and flourish.

The MPACT assessment and team coaching is designed to help your team members discover their individual MPACT intelligences and how to best serve the team, how to draw from the team for best performance, and where the individual can improve for greater contribution to the team.

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