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My Heart Warrior Story

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2012 was the best year of my career. I was working as a Regional Sales Manager for a large education technology company. I enjoyed the company, appreciated the people, and most importantly, I loved my higher education customers. I helped them solve problems and improve the teaching and learning process, all the while keeping faculty satisfied.

That year I closed several multi-year multi-million dollar deals, along with numerous sales to customers of all sizes. I earned entry into the company's Circle of Excellence Club for outstanding sales leadership, and my wife and I were treated to an all inclusive week in the Grand Caymans. Life was truly good.


But two weeks after that trip to the Caymans, in March of 2013, I was on an operating table having five heart bypasses and an aneurysm removed from my aorta. Plus, there was a total knee replacement before and thyroid cancer after the heart surgery. A tough two and a half years, to say the least. I'm happy to be here. Seriously.

And of course, when things are hard some people like to make them harder. I wasn't fully recovered from all the health issues when my wife and I decided to relocate to Myrtle Beach, SC. OK, I decided. Seven years later I'm still working on the transition, but it's getting better. But from now on I'll go where God leads. What came from this is my greatly improved health and a repentance of sorts that led me to coaching.

I believe we are each uniquely designed by God. He knew us before we were born and had a plan for each. My design, and yours as well, can be recognized in the CliftonStrengths assessment. I am truly a Maximizer, Strategic, Learner, Arranger and Empathy. I own it. Your assessment results are completely different and uniquely you. Your genuine identity.

I am a Heart Warrior. In a sense, my heart surgery defines me to the positive. My recovery from so many health issues causes me to encourage others to discover their genuine identity and be the person God designed them to be. To know their strengths, serve with purpose, and elevate others.

My mission is to continue the good work I've been doing with what I call the 10K Impact Project. My goal is to help 10,000 people discover their genuine identity and live richer lives. Lives God designed. I better get busy.

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