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Catholic Entrepreneurship Design and Experience

Catholic Life Design for High School Students

The Catholic Entrepreneurship and Design Experience (CEDE) is a high school course created from the undergraduate course Vocation 118 at Catholic University of America. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to dream their vocation into reality with an understanding of their Godly design, a creation of ministry style, and a mature approach to work and business, and God's desire for our prosperity.

The course is designed to help teens become entrepreneurs of their life and vocation, be it business, military, trades, or education, etc. 

CEDE Workshops For
High School Students

The beauty of the CEDE curriculum is it's flexibility. Many schools have their students participate in full day workshops, where the content is presented in a way that aligns with the school's academic and spiritual goals.

Workshops are designed with teacher input and delivered by Coach Bake.

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CEDE Course

The CEDE course curriculum can be delivered in the classroom or online. You can incorporate the course into your academic program, youth ministry, or to your home school program.​The course can be taught by myself, or your faculty can go through Facilitator Training at no cost. Click HERE to learn more about Facilitator Training.

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