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How I Lead In Service

My coaching and workshops provide clients and churches with an immersive experience of self reflection and team interaction, designed to build awareness and self-confidence in your relationship with God, trust and compassion with and for your fellow man and woman, and live the life God intended with wisdom and maturity.- Coach Bake



My mission is to coach individuals, teams, and groups in the recognition of their Godly design, to apply their strengths in how they serve others with their own ministry style and develop relationships in wisdom and emotional maturity.


I utilize my strengths of MAXIMIZER, STRATEGIC, LEARNER, ARRANGER and EMPATHY, as well as ministry styles of Shepherd, Apostle, and Teacher to share my message.




I envision an individual living a life directed by their unique Godly design, utilizing their strengths and gifts to honor God, and create a deeper more meaningful relationship with Him.


I envision individuals engaging in community in the Fivefold Ministries of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher (APEST). Building on Godly design, individuals will serve one another and communities will serve each other.


I envision an education system that encourages individual learning styles and supports the student’s self-expression in entrepreneurship of vocation, service to others, and the pursuit of a Christian life.


I envision family relationships grounded in Godly pursuit and built upon the shared knowledge of strengths, ministry styles, and maturity.


Having specific coach training, certifications and partnerships, I look forward to serving you, your institution, or parish. Here are the partners I work with to help me achieve my mission:


CliftonStrengths- I have been fortunate to study and mentor with Brent O'Bannon, the very first certified CliftonStrengths coach. I have earned Brent's Strengths Champion certification with the CliftonStrengths assessment.


Human Formation Coalition- Forming disciples in the dimensions of Human  Intellection, Spirit, and Vocation. Our work is grounded in knowing our Godly design (CliftonStrengths) and it's application in the Fivefold Ministries (APEST).

5Q/APEST- The APEST assessment, based on the Fivefold Ministries in Ephesians 4, is a great tool to help individuals learn where and how to serve others best. We each have a preferred ministry style, and when blended with an individual's strengths a life of joy and satisfaction is created. 


Six Seconds- Emotions drive people and people drive performance. For 25 years Six Seconds has been the world leader in measuring emotional intelligence (EQ) and implementing programs for individuals and teams to accept and grow in their emotional intelligence. With a certification in Spiritual EQ and EQ Assessor it is my Noble Goal to assist others in finding their Genuine Identity through strengths and live with wisdom and maturity as confident productive Christians.

"Engagement is the process of being present with one or more people, and expressing curiosity about thoughts and feelings in order to create mutual respect and understanding." CoachBake

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to serve Catholic parishes and dioceses. Let's connect.

Mobile- 570•574•8439

Please leave a message if necessary

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