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Workshops and Training

All workshops and trainings are based on the three Christian Pursuits of knowing our Godly design and how to use our design to serve others with wisdom and maturity. All participants will take either the CliftonStrengths or APEST ministry style assessments, or both. It is recommended that both assessments are taken for full experience and understanding.

Parish Leadership Workshops

Your parish leadership team is made up of some pretty awesome people. But sometimes it seems like they all speak in tongues and live on separate islands. Give them the opportunity to discover the best of each other by by recognizing and sharing their unique Godly design (talents and strengths). You will hear comments like, "So that's why you do this when that happens!" or "Yes, that is so you! Now I understand."

This workshop will help your staff connect their ministries, improve engagement, and have an overall positive impact on your parish. This workshop is tailored to your needs. Let's have a conversation and discuss your goals for your team.

Christian Pursuits Accompaniment Training For Catholic Leadership

Whether you are a parish leader, school administrator, teacher, no one knows your community better than you. And if you have begun an initiative of Christian Pursuits, or want to start one, why not receive training where you become the facilitator and accompany your people to more productive work, stronger relationships, and a community that attracts others to participate.

Accompaniment training will provide you with enough skills and knowledge to walk along side individuals as they discover their Godly design and learn how they best serve others through their personal ministry style. This eight week course will provide you and your cohort partners with:

  • A deep knowledge of the CliftonStrengths- understanding the difference between talents and strengths, and what exactly weaknesses are and why we should not focus on them

  • An exploration of APEST (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, Teacher) ministry styles and how to match your ministry style with your CliftonStrengths for a fulfilling purpose driven life- as God intended

  • A method of communication that allows you ask meaningful questions of those you server and work with, rather than providing advice. No matter how knowledgeable or credentialed you are, asking a powerful question and allowing the individual to arrive at their own solutions has more impact than a piece of advice.

  • Administrative tools for you to order and manage CliftonStrengths and APEST assessments

  • Resource documents for you to work with and share

If you want more information on Christian Pursuits Accompaniment Training for your school or parish, please reach out to me at

Student Entrepreneurship and Vocation Workshop

Give your high school students a head start on life. In this workshop students will focus on self-awareness​ and ministry styles based on CliftonStrengths and APEST assessments. In addition, the concept of work will be discussed as it relates to the Catholic Catechism and Catholic Social Teachings.

In this workshop student will discover:

  • Their God-given design and their talents and strengths in that design

  • Affirm their entrepreneurial spirit in how they live life after high school

  • How to use their talents and strengths in the classroom, their church, their families, and relationships

  • Know how they will serve others using their ministries styles

  • Understand the three tenants of work and why God wants us to pursue our vocation

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