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Adult Education Course

Workshops and Training

These workshops and training sessions are designed for participants to discover Genuine Identity for themselves and others. The focus of each program is for the participant to know their God-given design and how to serve others using their talents and strengths.

K12 Teacher In-Service Workshop

Christian education can be a formative experience in a young person's life. Religious leaders, administrators, and teachers continually seek opportunities to make a difference in their students through academics, personal development, and spiritual enrichment.

However, the past several years have been particularly hard on our teachers. Words like 'wellbeing' and 'resilience' have become part of our everyday language. The typical teacher in-service day of classroom management, curriculum development, or assessment guidelines do nothing for a teacher's self-confidence and self-worth.

A solution to this dilemma is a workshop designed to help teachers discover their God-given talents and allow them to finally experience their Genuine Identity.

In this workshop teachers will answer the questions:

  • Who am I in God's eyes? How can I better serve God and others?

  • How are my peers designed by God and what can I learn from their design?

  • How do I recognize the talents in my students and help them to focus on what they do best?

  • How do I learn to manage my weaknesses and help those around me do the same?

Student Teacher Workshop

When students attend a Christian college or university they do so with the expectation that their academics, campus experience and personal lives will be further enriched through their faith journey. Yet the world we live in today makes this journey and educational experience difficult. Students continue to question their decisions in vocation and personal life at a time when their self-confidence should be guiding who they are in God's eyes and how they can serve others with their talents and strengths.

In this workshop student teachers will discover:

  • Their God-given design and their talents and strengths in that design

  • Affirm their chosen vocation to teach, whether in a christian or public school

  • How to use their talents and strengths in their classroom and manage that experience

  • Understand how they will serve others using their Fivefold Ministries intelligences

Human Operating System Workshop- General

Whether you work in K12 or Higher Education, a Human Operating System workshop will have a positive impact on anyone who participates. This workshop allows each participant to learn their Genuine Identity and how they might apply their new awareness to their personal vocation, work, or personal life.

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