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The Pastor's Strengths Discovery

This is an opportunity for the pastor of a Catholic parish to discover his God- given design, to recognize his unique talents and strengths, and how a parish strengths program will increase parishioner engagement through mutual understanding.

Have You Heard?
Knowing Your Strengths Makes You Want To Do More Of What God Designed You To Do!

Ever since the book Living In Your Strengths:Catholic Edition (Winseman, Clifton, Liesveld; 2003) was introduced 20 years ago Catholic parishes have adopted a strengths initiative to help pastors, ministers, and staff, as well as parishioners improve engagement and live their lives in God-given design and mission.

The Pastor's Strength Discovery coaching program will provide the pastor with :

  • Self knowledge of his own unique genuine identity given by God

  • A language to help him lead and engage with his parish

  • The freedom to move from weaknesses to strengths and create a desire to do more of what he is good at ...........and delegate with confidence

Download a sample CliftonStrengths For Leaders Report

Three Simple Steps
  1. Enjoy a FREE discovery call with me to learn more and answer any questions you may have 

  2. Make the decision to discover your strengths and take the assessment at the link I provide you 

  3. Receive 3 one hour coaching sessions around your CliftonStrengths For Leaders report.

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to serve Catholic parishes and dioceses. Let's connect.

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